As a manufacturer of precision stamped and bent parts as well as high-quality hybrid parts, we supply many different segments of industry, such as the automotive industry, the electrical and electronics industry, companies from the aviation industry as well as customers from the telecommunications and control technology sectors.

Precision stamped parts in loose-piece or strip-fed form, bright, pre-finished or fully or selectively electroplated following production. Production takes place on ultra-modern automated stamping presses working at up to 1,500 strokes per minute and, some of which produce over 100 million parts a year. Application in the automotive and electronics industry.

  • Plug connectors or round contacts, in loose-piece or strip-fed form
  • Stamped and bent parts made of non-ferrous metal, stainless steel or steel in a material thickness of up to 1.5 mm depending on part size and material
  • Punching grid for providing contacts on printed circuit boards

Stamped and rolled bushes made of steel or stainless steel, bright or surface-finished, injection-tight and calibrated for dimensional accuracy with anti-rotation lock for optimum use in conjunction with plastic injection-moulded parts.  

Ready-to-install assemblies, assembled fully automatically, welded, riveted, pressed, caulked, manufactured from various stamped parts, turned parts, milled parts, contact rivets, wire, cables and plastic components.

  • Rolled round contact, fully automatically in assembly form with locating spring and square-section wire
  • Bronze contact for industrial application, fully automatically in assembly form with locating spring made of spring steel
  • Bronze contact spring with welded-on silver wire
  • Hybrid assemblies made of plastic and stamped parts, these are produced in cooperation with partner companies
  • Contact parts made of bronze or brass with welded silver contacts
  • Ready-to-install assemblies, assembled fully automatically
  • Contact strip made of bronze strip with welded-on beryllium spring for fully automatic further processing

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