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Whether stamping, stamping and bending, cold-heading, injecting-moulding or assembling: starting with comprehensive technical advice as early as the quotation process and prototyping, continuing through to intensive coordination with our project management operation during the design and development phase and culminating in tool manufacture, volume production and component assembly, followed by surface finishing and worldwide logistics. Our many years of experience, our cutting-edge machinery with deep vertical integration, the huge quality awareness of our employees, long-standing and reliable supply partners and maximum possible flexibility give us what it takes to meet every customer requirement.


high-quality & precise

We manufacture high-quality, precision and cost-efficient stamped parts for the automotive, construction, electrical and electronics industries as well as for companies in the medical, sensor technology, communications and mobile communications technology sectors as well as numerous other industries that demand high-quality products to be successful. Components and assemblies for electric mobility and battery technology as well as state-of-the-art press-fit zones complement our portfolio. Using state-of-the-art production facilities, we meet your specifications in exactly the way you want us to. This is where we manufacture our products in a fully monitored process with high-performance stamping tools that make several identical parts in one stroke.


  • Plugs, contacts or connectors, in loose-piece, strip-fed or correctly positioned form
  • Many variants from combination tools
  • BIZON® press-fit zone
  • Assembly in progressive compound tool
  • Reel-to-reel


  • High-performance automated stamping machines working at up to 1,500 strokes per minute
  • Pressing force 200 to 1.600 kN
  • Strip width 6 to 200 mm
  • Strip width 0.1 to 3.0 mm

Stamping and bending

high-capacity & flexible

We specialise in sophisticated and complex stamped and bent wire parts as well as ready-to install assemblies, manufactured in high-volume production with work operations integrated in the process, such as welding, crimping, riveting, inserting and 100 % inspection. Take advantage of our many years of experience in manufacturing long-life quality products and of the expertise of our staff. The latest technical systems from BIHLER, conventional or with servo technology such as the servo-controlled GRM-NC stamping and forming machine, in combination with Lean-Tools, a lean, standardised tool concept, provide capabilities for producing volumes ranging from small-scale runs to several hundred million parts a year.


  • Stamped and rolled bushes
  • Welded assemblies
  • Springs and levers for power tools
  • Contacting parts for e-bikes


  • BIHLER automated stamping and bending machines with a pressing force of up to 400 kN
  • NC units for complex bending operations
  • GRM-NC with lean-tool technology
  • Feeding systems for turned parts and plastic components



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With this efficient production technology, we produce a formed part from a wire segment in two to seven forming stages. Cold and warm forming processes are marked by:

  • material savings 
  • high-volume output
  • special-purpose forming capabilities
  • cost-effective alternative to turned parts
  • high mechanical strength of parts
  • high constancy of the parts geometry

  • Connectors (bolt rivets)
  • Hinge parts and components
  • Power transmission shafts for the automotive industry
  • Eccentric bolts

  • State-of-the-art forming machines
  • Two to seven forming stages
  • Feed length 3 to 75 mm
  • Wire diameter 2 to 12 mm

Complex assemblies

Easily assembled, maximum added value – all on a one-stop-shop basis

Assembling components is one of our core competences. No matter whether an assembly consists of several stamped parts or is a combination of stamped part, turned part, cold-headed part, milled part, contact rivet, cable, wire, plastic component or standard part, we are the experts in fully automated component assembly with the aim of supplying our customers with a ready-to-install assembly or a complex system on a just-in-time basis for a variety of end uses. In many cases, this is where we only need a single-stage production cycle in combination with the stamping process.

Overmoulding of stamped parts, stamped grids or stamped strip for the production of high-quality hybrid components complement the range of activities covered. As early as the development phase, we optimise the tolerance ranges of stamped parts to the necessary plastic-compatible minimum, thereby maximising quality far beyond the level required and demanded by the customer.

In combination with BIZON® press-fit contacts, hybrid housings are produced that permit trouble-free assembly of the printed circuit board in the downstream, follow-on process.

To assemble small-volume batches, we set store by tried and proven manual assembly or semi-automatic processes as well as the experience and dexterity of our staff.


  • Assembling - manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic
  • Press-fitting, riveting, caulking
  • Resistance welding
  • Laser marking
  • In-line quality control in the assembly process
  • Function testing and load tests



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